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Weight-Loss Secrets for the Hard Cases

Losing weight in the carbohydrate, sugary, processed food world we live in today, can seem impossible. Combine these conditions with boredom, depression and loneliness and you create a formula for failure. Recent studies have shown that those most affected are young people who are currently a part of institutional living. This is true for universities, boarding homes, jails and prisons. Studies also show that 16 percent of college students struggle with maintaining a healthy weight and ultimately depression, which also influences their academic performance. Likewise, the obesity rate of incarcerated Americans is higher than the 52% national average. Help is now here. In Freebird Publishers ( recent release, Weight Loss Unlocked, they give the answer to losing weight and keeping it off, for those who are subject to institutional living.

Unguided weight-loss goals can be hard under the easiest of circumstances. They are even tougher under difficult and irregular conditions. Obesity can sneak up on anyone. This is especially true for people who have other concerns on their mind, which leaves little time to think about losing weight. But when the time comes to make the change, you don't have to go it alone.

When people take a trip, they often do some research before they head to the airport or get behind the wheel of a car. If they're going someplace they haven't been before, they ask friends who've been to that destination for the inside scoop on the off-the-beaten-path sites to see or the hidden go to restaurants where the locals eat. Hints and tips like these make their visit easier, less intimidating, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Armed with specific knowledge, they feel better prepared and more enthused for the adventure.

Starting a weight-loss program can be like taking a trip to a foreign place, too. Naturally, there are unexpected circumstances, and the anxieties they trigger. That's where the inside scoop from someone who has been there can help.

In the newly released book, Weight Loss Unlocked , the author shares his habits and success' in weight-loss while suffering some of the most extreme circumstances known to man. Mr. Paul J. R. Dawson is currently a student at a Division 1 University and a resident at an Oregon state prison. Mr. Dawson is not a dietician or weight loss expert of any kind. He is simply a person who went through a battle with food for more than a decade. What he is, however, is a good example to everyone. He started out at 275 pounds and lost down to 185 pounds. Mr. Dawson is an expert at being the guiding light to any one who wants to lose nearly 100 pounds. In his step-by-step book, Mr. Dawson will show you the way, by giving you easy to follow workout plans and the recipes to simple low carb foods.

In this book you will get a diet plan, a fasting guide, full body stretching guide, motivational quotes...and much more.

For more information on weight-loss that really works in today's busy pace, review Weight Loss Unlocked at


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