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Freebird Publishers Promotes Prison Reform and Sentence Correction

Americans with incarcerated loved ones know what unduly harsh sentences can do to families. They also know prosecutors and courts will use false information to exacerbate a prison term. To effect change, Freebird Publishers continues collaborating with advocate and author Kelly Patrick Riggs ( ) to bring hope. Freebird Publishers and Kelly Patrick Riggs continue to produce the leading self-help books on post-conviction relief.

In most cases, people believe that once a loved one has been judged and sentenced, there is nothing more to do to get what is just. The lawyer representing them also tells you that nothing can be done. But the truth is that post-conviction relief is a procedure that allows the defendant in a criminal case to bring more evidence or raise additional issues in a case after a judgment has been made (post-trial). With valid grounds, post-conviction relief can help Americans obtain a fair resolution in their case. This also means that a reduced or vacated sentence is often possible.

Post-conviction relief is usually a complicated process that few can navigate. This is now made easy for everyone to follow. The books written and published through Freebird Publishers are low-cost self-help in an easy-to-read format. Some of the most informative books are:

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Post-Conviction Relief: Secrets Exposed

Post-Conviction Relief: The Appeal

Post-Conviction Relief: Advancing Your Claim

Post-Conviction Relief: Winning Claims

Post-Conviction Relief: C.O.A. in the Supreme Court

Post-Conviction Relief: Second Last Chance

Post-Conviction Relief: The Advocate

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