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I Am Not The Devil

In the year 3014 my team was sent to the planet NX-5 to destroy Lucifer. My team and I arrived in an underground conclave met by a group of creatures that looked unfamiliar. Surveying our surroundings we concluded this was a subterranean under verse. From among the shadows 5 creatures approached our party. "We are the counsel of 5 planets and have been awaiting your arrival." Then as they finished another being approached. He wasn't like the others but radiated a light source from his countenance. "I am Lucifer the light bearer.” We were stunned as one of the counsel of 5 spoke up. "Do you know why you are here?" He asked, "Yes! To destroy this devil." A rumble erupted from the others. "No!


Along So, there we were in the middle of the damn desert with these dizzy broads. Although we were nice enough not to leave her to die in the desert, we did not spare her our opinion that she was one come-drunk, dumb-ass dizzy bitch for putting us all in this predicament. Let me paint you a picture here. Predominant yellows & browns with a splash of red and spiny green here and there. Desert. No power lines, no road, no rivers, no nothing but complete desolation. One set of railroad tracks heading off into the distance as far as the eye could see. Oh, did I mention sand? Heat? Scorpions? We immediately took inventory of our food and "meds". Three cans of potted meat, eleven cans of beef stew

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