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Holiday Writing Tips and Ideas

First seen http://suite.io/suzanne-pitner Christmas short stories are fun to write and read. Whether the goal is to enter it into a creative writing short story contest, get it published in a magazine or anthology, or just to create a family holiday story, these tips and ideas can make it more interesting. The Christmas short story can fall into any genre. It’s not just for children. Yes, holiday stories may have vampires and creatures of the night. Yes, they may have romance. Yes, they may have fantasy, history, or even adventure. Think of how popular the holiday movie Die Hard was when it came out. It’s a Christmas story with a terrorist twist. Tips for Writing a Short Story for Christmas


My mother sent me to the store for a pack of cigarettes. In 1983, I was never carded, people just took things at face value, assuming an eight-year-old boy wasn’t addicted to nicotine, and if given a dollar, he most likely would spend it on a Hot Wheels car or a Bigfoot ice cream off the ice cream truck. Only every now and then would I be asked, “These are for your mother, right?” My childhood friend, Fat Chris—a nickname my dad gave him—had been at my house watching cartoons, and he agreed to walk with me to Uncle Charlie’s. Owned and operated by an Italian family, Uncle Charlie’s was a little neighborhood store, about two and a half city blocks from the house where I grew up, in northeast

B-More Addicted A Writers Intro and Synopsis

There is no way to stop it. No possible way to contain it. But we know that it's there. It shows up in all manner of human behavior. Yet we are unable to glimpse what we cannot see. So we try to arrest it. This is done with red brick and cement block. Handcuffs, steel bars, and chain-link fences. We have even attempted to calm it with medicine. But none of these methods were sufficient. All were done in futility. Why? Well because it's spiritual. It cannot be touched physically. It's of a universal nature, it transcends borders, and it seeks to destroy everything in its path. People, places, and things. But please do not be confused. Because it is not a noun. It is the disease of addiction.


Ryan Lockhart did not feel well. During the meeting, while he was giving a security briefing, he felt power coil around him. Now that he was finally alone in his office, he was able to examine what was affecting him. He quickly identified the spell as having some sort of transmutation effect, which was his particular specialty. The aura of the spell resembled Michelle's, but something about it was off. Michelle was his fiancée and quite the hedge witch herself. He grabbed his carved staff and hit the stairwell to the roof. Halfway to the roof, a wave of pain ripped through him, which caused him to double over and struggle to catch his breath. He felt the currents of power constrict around hi

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