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At Freebird Publishers, we offer an impressive selection of prisoner publications like resource books, guides, newsletters, and more. We invite you to check our blog frequently for featured publications. Choose from a selection of publications specifically for inmates to publications written by inmates. If you have any questions, please call us at 888-712-1987

The Hardest Thing About Being in Prison

Prisoners around the country are deprived of nearly all information that can help them keep engaged with their communities. On July 3, 2019, Freebird Publishers made a significant step toward bridging that gap by publishing their latest, updated "Inmate Shopper, Annual 2019-20 Edition". As the largest inmate resource guide available, prisoners will find much of the information they need to stay connected. Not only is this huge book (380 pages 8" X 10") full of useful products and services, it also features specialized schedules, opportunities, and tips to help make enduring prison life a little easier. Freebird made available one of the most reliable resource guides on the market. Althou

Tired of Being Lonely?

Find that person with a broad spectrum of life's experiences. Someone who really understands the value of quality time. It's time to discover the world's best kept secret to passion, romance, or true friendship. It's time to discover Penacon. Penacon is an established company that specializes in connecting real people who seek real relationships. No matter what a person seeks in someone special, they can be found on the Penacon's system. The Penacon website lists a huge variety of personal profiles and each has been qualified as a real person. Federal and state prisoners from around the country are waiting to meet that someone special. They are patient, passionate, and romantic. They have

The Innocent Suffer the Most

One of the most painful aspects is not knowing what effect that long-term loneliness has on our loved ones. The effects of depression that follow can be debilitating. In the past, prisoners fought the emotional damage of incarceration by corresponding with those they love on the outside. Because of the limits on their own time, friends and family members of prisoners enrolled their imprisoned loved ones in pen pal programs. For years pen pal services were an essential part that helped incarcerated Americans battle the emotional scars. Today, the pen pal business is in a huge transition. Now privacy laws in many places forbid the distribution of pen pal lists. This hurt imprisoned Americans a

Volunteer in Your Pajamas from Home, No Credit Card Required

One of the worthy causes they've supported is pen paling with American inmates. Thousands of inmate lives have been positively influenced by pen pals sending one or two letters a month. Some pen pals choose to be more active, i.e., helping their pen pal connect with an innocence project, a publisher or a even a job upon release. One out of ten Americans have been arrested (37 million) and over 600,000 inmates are released each year. The reality is, ex-offenders are our neighbors, our customers, our employees or bosses. Inmate issues and reentry into society are now covered by our mainstream media: 60 Minutes, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, NBC, ABC, Entrepreneur and Los Angeles Magazines

Do Pen Pals REALLY Make a Difference to the Incarcerated?

After the fresh investment of a new website and marketing initiatives, Penacon is already reaping the praise from inmates who have found connections that have made a remarkable difference in their quality of life. Inmate, Michael Welch, happily took the time to write to Penacon to thank them for their service. Why? Because he found his soulmate. It is possible! Studies have shown that prisoners said having a pen pal helped them: feel less isolated make changes to their self-identity boost their happiness through having a distraction from the routine of prison life and raise their hopes for life beyond prison Inmates or their loved ones can purchase ads and begin the journey of fi

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