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The Innocent Suffer the Most

One of the most painful aspects is not knowing what effect that long-term loneliness has on our loved ones. The effects of depression that follow can be debilitating. In the past, prisoners fought the emotional damage of incarceration by corresponding with those they love on the outside. Because of the limits on their own time, friends and family members of prisoners enrolled their imprisoned loved ones in pen pal programs. For years pen pal services were an essential part that helped incarcerated Americans battle the emotional scars. Today, the pen pal business is in a huge transition. Now privacy laws in many places forbid the distribution of pen pal lists. This hurt imprisoned Americans and their family members the most. In response Penacon launched its web-based inmate pen pal service. Their web service complies with the new laws and provides a much faster service for prisoners and those who wish to write to them. Penacon's proven online inmate pen pal service provides a method for concerned family members to post a profile for their loved ones. Penacon advertises and actively promotes the profiles to many people throughout the U.S. Canada, UK and other English-speaking countries who wish to correspond with prisoners. Penacon's website is free to all visitors, inviting and easy to use. The Penacon online service helps fight the prisoner's loneliness and depression and brings peace of mind to the family members that love them the most. When a prisoner has an active pen pal that connection brings a new level of joy to all involved. Any family member or friend who takes advantage of Penacon's services on behalf of a prisoner enjoys additional discounts for showing that they care. Penacon has a $5 off promo code when making a profile, use LOVE5. Penacon is owned and operated by the caring staff at Freebird Publishers. They are headquartered in North Dighton, Massachusetts. For more information visit or e-mail at:

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