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Freebird Publishers Gives New Hope to State and Federal Prisoners

Freebird Publishers has recently released the latest book by Kelly Patrick Riggs on Post-Conviction Relief: The Advocate ( is geared to assist state and federal prisoners in their quest for relief from illegal sentences and over-sentencing. This book is the final installment of the Post-Conviction Relief series. This series is known as the most informative study material for prisoners and their families to obtain an understanding of how to pursue relief.

Freebird Publishers, like many lawmakers and most American people, know that excessive sentences do not fight recidivism, nor does it serve the public interests. In many cases, a petty drug offense can expose a person to decades of incarceration. This is particularly egregious in the case of a first-time offender. When first-time offenders are committed to prison, they are required to serve their time with others, many career offenders, who have learned how to survive in prison rather than in society. In time even a first-time offender will learn how to survive in prison as well. Thus, a long or excessive sentence is counterproductive to sound rehabilitation.

In this new book, a prisoner, or their family, can learn the ins and outs of the laws that provide the opportunity for sentence reductions. It also contains the details of how a prisoner who is actually innocent can file for total relief that will overturn an illegal sentence.

This book contains information for state prisoners as well. It contains a full scope of options that are available for filing in state courts as well as advancing one's state claims to federal courts around the country.

In this installment, Kelly Patrick Riggs targets with particularity the processes for Alabama state prisoners as a bonus. He takes cases through the state processes as well as advancing them to the federal courts. His passion for Alabama state prisoners was triggered by the fact that in one month in 2022 more Alabama state prisoners were murdered than were paroled. Many of whom were nonviolent offenders.

Kelly Patrick Riggs gained National recognition in 2015 as a prison advocate. He was responsible for organizing a group of prisoners in Oakdale Federal Correctional Institution known as the "Dream Team". There, Mr. Riggs and his trusted colleagues were responsible for writing over 800 sentence reduction motions, most of which were granted. He was transferred to many other prisons where he continued to assist other prisoners in a wide variety of legal processes many of which were granted relief. Today, Mr. Riggs continues as an advocate for prisoners in state and federal courts from his home in Cullman, Alabama.

For more information about Mr. Riggs or Post-Conviction Relief, visit


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