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Just Desserts

Mack gritted his teeth behind a well-practiced poker face, walking away from the prison’s package room. He was carrying two thirds of the food package that had arrived for him, the balance denied by one creative reason or another by the security staff. The paradox being that it was usually more expensive to mail the disallowed items out than they had cost. This equation and the fact that the C.O.s “destroy” disallowed food items by stuffing them in their mouths, explained why the average weight of package room cops is north of 300 pounds. Back in his cell, Mack glanced at the disposition slip: “6 bags cookies, denied due to chocolate liqueur…” He crumpled up the paper, shaking his head. Choc

5 Easy Steps to Getting the Most Out of Every Book!

One of the easiest ways to achieve success is to find a mentor to teach you the proper way to do something. While in prison you can do this by reading nonfiction books. Reading can greatly aid the success minded prisoner in achieving your objectives, no matter what those goals may be. Some of the greatest prisoners in history, men like Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela, have used this strategy profitably. But I was taught by my mentor, the late, great Zig Ziglar, there is an art to reading a book to get the most out of it. In my upcoming book, The Millionaire Prisoner, I share this system, but here is a free preview of how you can use the system to get the most from any book: 1. Read through the

Vampire Desire

She awoke suddenly, afraid and soaked in sweat. Her bed was warm but there was a cold, soulless presence in her room, a presence that gave her an eerie feeling that she was being watched by a presence of pure evil, an evil that now chilled her from head to toe, despite being soaked in sweat just seconds before. Sitting up quickly, wide-eyed, looking around the room she saw nothing out of the ordinary. It was pitch dark, her bedroom walls and ceiling were deep-sea blue. A strange color to paint a fourteen-year-old girl’s bedroom. But Destiny was no average, ordinary, Hello Kitty, “Pretty in Pink” kind of teenage girl. She wore black clothes every day and painted her fingernails black. She wan


“It will rattle your windows…and shake all your walls…for the times…they are a – changing.” -Bob Dylan-1964 In a matter of months 50 years will have passed since Bobby Zimmerman croaked out those notes of heed. The movement of the clock has proven that time changes everything. And everything, or anything, can turn downright… embarrassing… if given enough time. Countless aspects of doing time here within our artificial world have changed dramatically over the passage of time. Ye ole Hotel Kalifornia. When I first fell and caught my “c” number 30 years ago, Cali only had 11 state facilities. Today the legislative vampires have driven that number up to 34 facilities. And that is not even counti

Intellectual Firing Squad

I wanted my prisoner rehabilitation program "Take a Load Off" to provide a body of positive work and hope for prisoners who were getting ready to leave for the World. There are some glimpses of hope, but progress routinely feels like a muddy canard rather than the champion I designed and put into practice. In a word People are the problem. We think we're the stars of everything, everything except causing our own problems or solving them for that matter. As the Programs Founder I'm allowed a slightly critical perspective, being that prisoners have all the reasons to change but don't and Staff have taken up typical sluggish support. But I'm less of a cynic than you might expect. Prisoner's att


“Leave love bleeding in my hands…” Hemorrhage by Fuel Being dead is one strange trip. It keeps me busy yet still I often wonder what my life could be like beyond this earthly crypt. Some of the cruel, gossip-prone spirits inform me that my family are presently alive out there in the “real world”, yet I can’t fully rely on that as my mind has always been fond of playing little tricks on me. I wish I could go see for myself instead of lying here dead… but ignorance will always be one of the conditions of the departed. I have a seemingly endless abundance of time now to recline here in my coffin. I try to imagine what my life would be like had I not ended up a murder victim. In my upper 50’s I’

At War: Inside the Walls

They call me D. I am a woman federal inmate at a Bureau of Prison's (B.O.P.) facility. I have been locked up since April 1, 2008. At the time I wrote this it was twenty-six months and counting. While behind bars I am in survival mode, using specific strategic tactics to triumph inside these razor wire fences. One of the negative aspects of being imprisoned is that time becomes your enemy. To endure, I have reversed my sleeping cycle from my free world schedule. Having done this, I avoid the daily drama on the floor and maximize quiet time. I end my day by going to sleep at 5:00 A.M. I rise at 3:30 P.M. and begin my day. This works for me. Being in prison, there is no life. It is no way to li

The Ugly Truth About the PLRA

The Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) is an anti-prisoner statute signed into law April 26, 1996 by President William Jefferson Clinton. The law was designed to defer frivolous lawsuits filed by the prison population against the prisons that hold them. Prisoners' access to the court system was cut off, making litigation on acts of abuse and poor prison conditions impossible without required guidelines being met, such as physical injury and the exhaustion of administrative remedies (prison's grievance system). The PLRA ended the filing of all federal civil lawsuits for mental and emotional injury suffered while in prison. Prisoners across the country have been grossly excluded from basic co

Making Your Bones In Creative Arts: A Quicker, Easier Way To Publishing Success

ZINE noun \ˈzēn\ : a small magazine that is written by people who are not professional writers and that usually has stories about a particular subject Full Definition of ZINE : magazine; especially : a noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter <a feminist zine> Breaking into the commercial publishing industry can be a tough nut to crack. Literally, millions swell the ranks of aspiring writers, artists and lyricists. While self-publishing is an expedient and effective means, many prisoners lack the capital to fund that approach. An alternate route is contributing one's writing, artwork, etc., to ‘zines.’ Zines a

Escape from a Maximum Security Jail

D. Babb was awarded Third Place in memoir in the 2008 Prison Writing Contest. Los Angeles County has the largest jail system in the world. Their maximum security unit, High-power, is reserved for the most dangerous, notorious and high risk inmates. High-power inmates are single-celled, strip searched, handcuffed behind their back and escorted by armed guards any time they leave the cell. Recreation is once a week for ninety minutes in an eight by eight by eight foot cage on the roof of the jail. Six inmates are escorted by three guards at a time, following a very thorough strip search. Typical High-power inmates are multiple murderers, guys down to court from death row, gang-banger shot call


Reviewed by Christopher Zoukis Of the many popularly identifiable genres of literature - sci-fi, romance, chick-lit, lad-lit, thriller - so-called 'prison writing' is perhaps the easiest to define. Prison writing is written by prisoners, and includes poetry, short stories, essays, book reviews, interviews, op-eds, etc. And novels, of course. Enter D. Razor Babb, a prisoner in Corcoran, California. Babb wrote a novel called Icicle Bill. And it's a humdinger of a read. For Babb takes the reader on a loop roller coaster of a ride revolving around the story's protagonist Icicle Bill, who lives just over the ragged edge of sanity. The story goes like this: on a twisted journey of love, lust, hate

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