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Stability is a Factor in Fighting Recidivism Upon a Prisoner's Release

As incarceration rates climb, so do rates of recidivism. The successful reintegration of prisoners into society pivots on effective social support services. The most important aspects are housing, employment, and medical services. Although these services are widely available through state and federal government services, most formerly incarcerated people do not qualify. Thus, most services that are available to ex-felons are sponsored by families, private people, groups, and companies. Freebird Publishers ( announces that they are also coming to the aid of the formerly incarcerated people more than ever before.

For most prisoners returning to society, their next step is continued confinement to a halfway house. A halfway house is an extension of a prison sentence most used when prisoners are still in the custody of correctional institutions. In these situations, the prisoners are provided with housing and meals for a fee. They are required to work at a sponsored job which in most cases they quickly lose after their release from custody. At that point, prisoners who do not have family support are often homeless and jobless, or otherwise hopeless. When the prisoner finally reaches their wit's end they often re-offend.

Freebird Publishers is most known for distributing books and services to America's incarcerated community. They are also known for collaborating with others who fight for the rights of prisoners who are treated unfairly.

Most recently Freebird Publishers joined with author Kelly Patrick Riggs to release his latest book Post-Conviction Relief: The Advocate. But now, Freebird Publishers expands to provide services for the formerly incarcerated as well. They have always extended housing and job placement for a few returning prisoners. They now move forward with a much-needed service. Freebird Publishers is happy to announce the birth of Freebird Reentry Services, Inc. A non-profit corporation. Their goal is to continue to provide basic social services to the homeless and needy populations of the Northeast United States. This expanded service will assist the otherwise destitute people of America.

For more information about Freebird Publishers or their services visit,


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