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Freebird Publishers Helps Inmates Pass Time with Entertainment

Freebird Publishers collaborates with leading prison author Mike Enemigo to help inmates and their families cope with America's separation strain. Mr. Enemigo is known for his unique approach to prison entertainment. He specializes in and understands how to target a prisoner's mind as it acclimates to prison life. He supplies prisoners with information that prepares them for their life ahead, and he uses the foundation of entertainment to do that. The long list of Mike Enemigo's books are prison friendly and are great gifts

Some of Mr. Enemigo's greatest contributions are:

Prison Legal Guide-

This book is a "Must Have" Survival tool THAT Every Inmate Needs! Know your civil rights and the procedures that can bring you the win!

Kitty Kat: Adult Entertainment Non-Nude Resources-

This book is jam-packed with hundreds of sexy non-nude photos, including photo spreads. The book contains complete info on sexy photo sellers, hot magazines, page-turning bookstores, sections on strip clubs, porn stars, alluring models, thought-provoking stories, and must-see movies.

Prison Health Handbook-

The Prison Health Handbook is your one-stop go-to source for information on maintaining your best health while inside the American prison system. Filled with information, tips, and secrets from doctors, gurus, and other experts.

Educating prisoners through entertainment could not come at a more crucial time than now. Today, America imprisons more of its citizens than ever before.

For more information about improving a prisoner's life, visit


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