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Freebord Publishers Improves the Quality of Life for American Families

The new release of the latest Inmate Shopper ( ) brings humanity and connection back to American families with incarcerated loved ones.

Family members of incarcerated Americans are often referred to as the hidden victims of the criminal justice system. Those affected are neither acknowledged nor given a platform to be heard. These hidden victims receive little personal support and do not benefit from the systemic societal mechanisms generally available to direct crime victims, despite their prevalence and their similarities to direct crime victims. No one seems to care, except the staff at Freebird Publishers.

America is the global leader in incarceration. Their state and federal governments spend more tax dollars on their mass incarceration system than they do on public education for children. In America, more attention is paid to crime promotion than crime prevention. More astounding is that when a child loses a parent to incarceration, the criminal justice systems give no support to help the child cope. Thus, the children of America believe that incarceration is a part of normal life.

Additionally, the governments pay little attention to the correction and rehabilitation of American prisoners. They, therefore, secretly promote the revolving door syndrome of prison life. The U.S. Federal Government specifically states that "imprisonment is not an appropriate means of promoting correction and rehabilitation." 18 U.S.C.: 3582 (a).

Freebird Publishers strives to fill the obvious gaps. They provide resources for the education and rehabilitation of prisoners and families. They provide prisoners with a healthy platform where a prisoner can give gifts to their children and family members, thus maintaining a sense of normalcy for the forgotten victims of mass incarceration.

Freebird Publishers promotes methods for prisoners to continue to be productive providers to their families while incarcerated. They give tips and resources to prisoners that help them earn a real-life and legal income with which they can continue to support their families. Some examples of this are authors Kelly Patrick Riggs, Raymond E. Lumsden, and Troy Traylor. Some of these authors continue their careers upon release, which all started with the Inmate Shopper.

The Inmate Shopper is America's largest inmate shopping guide and services directory for Prisoners! Inmate Shopper is an In-print publication that offers inmates a safer way to shop and access business information all in one place.

Freebird Publishers have researched all the businesses listed in Inmate Shopper to keep them updated on every issue. Inmate Shopper informs its readers about established and newer companies and offers information on pen pal services, scams, opportunities, and places to sell their writing, arts, and crafts.

Only Inmate Shopper lists Pen Pal websites, Personal Assistants, Gift Boutiques, and Businesses that want to send you their catalog and listings of services for writers, poets, and artists.

Companies are listed in Inmate Shopper alphabetically by business name and information about that company, including contact info, the area served, cost of catalogs, payment methods, whether or not a SASE is required, and a business review and rating of the company. Businesses Rated 10 receive the Inmate Shopper stamp of approval so you know which companies are the best to shop with.

For more information about improving a prisoner's life, review the Inmate Shopper at:

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