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Studies Have Found That Crime is Linked to Poverty

Freebird Publishers makes a national effort to fight poverty and crime together. This young publishing company has discovered that fighting poverty is a healthy way to fight crime as well. They have taken a handful of prisoners and showed them a process to earn a meaningful living even while incarcerated. Their effort also extends to life after prison and is now available to all incarcerated Americans and their families. This process begins with learning how to live Life With A Record ( )

Life With a Record helps make sense of the major challenges facing ex-offenders today. Ten hard-hitting chapters outline the purpose of making a Strategic Reentry Plan and making peace with supervisors, family, your community, and your future. Written by well-known reentry technician Anthony Tinsman, it packs an amazing amount of material into its pages and gives you a quick, easy-to-follow, full spectrum of instruction.

Once the basics of living life after prison are achieved, Mr. Tinsman goes on to share the wealth of writing for a living in his book Write & Gert Paid ( ). Every ex-offender can easily stay home and earn thousands of dollars a week. This is proven by ex-offender and best-selling author Kelly Patrick Riggs. With this combination of books, anyone can walk out of the pay-check-to-pay-check life and start living above the world's expectations for them. This process is not limited to prisoners and their families, anyone can do it.

Freebird Publishers' process of fighting poverty is not limited to prisoners and their families. This process is meant for everyone who wants more out of life. Kelly Patrick Riggs, now a best-selling author was once a high school dropout who failed English twice. Mr. Riggs woke up one morning with an epiphany, he wanted more out of life. He started with a simple idea and moved on to write fourteen books over seven years. One of his most meaningful publications is How-To Write Your Own Check ( ).

In Mr. Riggs' short book, he shows the world how he escaped the grind of the pay-check-to-pay-check life. He offers how-to steps from developing a meaningful idea all the way to marketing the book after it is published. Most of all he shows the world how anyone can come from nothing and be transformed into someone who never has to worry about day-to-day expenses ever again. This book is ranked five out of five stars on

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