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Freebird Publishers Grows into 2023 with New Books and Services

Freebird Publishers is taking huge steps to rehabilitate the American prisoner population with education and entertainment ( Rehabilitation is a two-prong effort. The first prong is education to provide a better future upon a prisoner's reentry into society. The second prong is affecting the prisoner's free time. Because prisoners can't be expected to study all the time, they must focus on their entertainment also. Freebird Publishers provides a wide variety of extra-curricular reading and activity materials as well.

Research shows that a rehabilitation program generally is effective at reducing recidivism if it possesses three key principles. First, the program should be "evidence-based"—meaning it is modeled after a program shown to reduce recidivism and operates in the same manner as the proven program. Second, the program should be evaluated for cost?effectiveness. Third, the program should focus on the highest?risk and highest?need inmates, as this has the greatest potential to reduce recidivism.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics studies has found high rates of recidivism among released prisoners. One study, which tracked hundreds of thousands of prisoners in 30 states after their release from prison, found that about 2/3 (67.8%) of released prisoners were rearrested within 3 years of release and more than 3/4 (76.6%) were rearrested within 5 years. More than half (56.7%) of these rearrests were in the first year after release. However, there is a 43% reduction in recidivism rates for those prisoners who participate in prison education programs.

Freebird Publishers introduces reading as an evidence-based rehabilitation effort. Reading is considered a hobby as it is an activity that is normally done for entertainment typically during leisure time. However, reading can be made a habit when done regularly. For some, reading can also be a passion, while a few others may consider it a pastime.

Freebird Publishers offers cost-effective books to obtain an understanding of the law, legal processes, and other educational areas. Other books include fiction, pastime, and hobby development.

Books offered by Freebird Publishers also target a prisoner's high-risk needs. They offer books on addiction, living with a record, and safe and sound reentry. Their books are not limited to a small number of prisoners who are selected by prison staff for successful reentry.

In most prisons around the country, educational programs are limited to a small number of individuals. Those individuals are selected by their cooperation and assistance to staff members. Freebird Publishers however make its efforts available to all prisoners and their families.

For more information on helping an incarcerated loved one rehabilitate visit,


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