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Author Speaks Out About Productive Life After Prison

In 2016, best-selling author Kelly Patrick Riggs was given a gift by the CEO of Freebird Publishers. He was given the gift of success ( ) in the most unlikely of places. And now he shares the secret to his success with others.

Freebird Publishers has, from their beginning, encouraged prisoners to succeed. This encouragement is more important than ever in our uncertain economic time. Today, more Americans are incarcerated than ever before, and it is usually the breadwinner of the family that is taken away. This often leaves single parents and children to fend for themselves financially. But prison is not the end of financial security or the beginning of ruin. With the help of Freebird Publishers, incarceration is nothing more than a shift in prosperity.

In May of 2012, Kelly Patrick Riggs was incarcerated. He was the sole provider for his wife and four young children, and they were left without financial security. His wife, reduced to being a single parent, discovered that there was no assistance available to families of incarcerated Americans. This caused great suffering for the family of Mr. Riggs. Incarceration was the begging of a long hard road for both Mr. Riggs and his family. Mr. Riggs spent the next three years battling his criminal cases, holding on to the hope that he would one day return to them. They were forced to sell off everything that they had just so his wife could put food on the table for his children. His wife and children were later forced to relocate and move in with family for basic survival.

In desperation for his family Mr. Riggs started to look for ways to help provide support. He discovered that having a job in prison was nothing more than a well-marketed publicity stunt, although jobs were available on paper, he learned that the pay was only twenty-five cents per month. He was later introduced to Freebird Publishers and their publication the Inmate Shopper by another inmate. Impressed by their supportive attitude and their wide variety of options, Mr. Riggs reached out to the Massachusetts company for more information.

Mr. Riggs, at that time, was a nobody but Freebird Publisher gave him their time to explore his potential. He was a high school dropout who failed English twice. But Freebird Publishers helped him to cultivate a good idea and showed him how to get it off the ground.

Mr. Riggs later published his first of many books and was soon providing support to his family once again. This one chance in life changed Mr. Riggs' mindset forever, even upon his release from prison. Today he continues to make a living writing even in a time of national economic crisis.

Kelly Patrick Riggs is now an American Best-selling author with books available from most online distributors. He also shares his experiences and resources with others who wish to change their financial futures. His most profound financial book is How to Write Your Own Check ( ) available on In this book, he explains how he found financial freedom and how anyone can do it. Mr. Riggs even shares the contact information of his publisher in this book.

For more information about financial freedom or Kelly Patrick Riggs, visit:


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