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 We offer a wide range of services to assist you or your loved in prison to get your book published and on the market.

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Basics About Publishing

One of the first things you need to know in the publishing business is the definition of a page. The industry standard of a page is an 8.5" x 11” paper, double-spaced lines with margins of .5” on top and bottom and 1” on both sides. The text is no smaller than 12 point and is printed in the style of Time Roman, Ariel, or similar font. A page holds approximately 250 words. (Pages 2-9 of this package are typed in Ariel 12 point)


There are many time-consuming procedures in publishing and everyone’s needs are different. This is the reason we have an a la carte pricing structure. You can purchase only what you need, whenever you need it, to fit your schedule and budget. 

There are many steps involved in transferring a manuscript into a paperback book or an eBook. We offer all the services needed to get your writing project into finished, published form. One of the first steps is to take your hand-written pages and get them typed and formatted according to industry standards. If you mail us your only original hand-written manuscript, the first task we are going to do is make two copies and bill your account accordingly. One copy will be used by us and the other will be mailed to a secure address of your choice. The original copy will be mailed back to you. We urge you to put your handwritten manuscript away for safekeeping. This way your hard work is secure from loss and an original copy will always be on hand if authorship ever needs to be proven. 

If you have your manuscript typed, next comes getting those pages into digital format. If you have your manuscript in a digital file then formatting it into the required specifications to publish it into a book is the next step. We can accept digital files, but must professionally format them prior to publication. The reason being is to reformat a file is an exhausting process and would be more expensive per page. Plus, margins and format must be verified anyways. We will format the digital manuscript if it is submitted as an UNFORMATTED Word.doc. (If you have a formatted file: special pricing is available) 

There is a multitude of critical tasks that must be handled, such as ISBN & bar code placement, table of contents creation, and cover design. When your manuscript has been printed as a book, a proof copy will be mailed to you for review. You will then make corrections and changes mailing back only the corrected pages. We will then make all the requested corrections. Thus, the book will be the way you want it and ready for publication. 

We hope this will give you a general review of our publishing services. Continue to read through the pages on our Publishing Services page for more information. Thank you for your interest in Freebird Publishers. Always, be strong, stay safe, and, know you are not forgotten.

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