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Now there is another way for your business to get more attention in our distinctive marketplace by advertising in our prison publications created specifically for inmates and their loved ones.

As you may already be aware, Freebird Publishers represent 4 out of the 5 national prisoner publications in America. At Freebird, we are more than just publishers, we are advertising specialists and are here to help you get your business the attention it desires in our niche market.


ADVERTISE IN INMATE SHOPPER, Resources for Inmate Services


  1. We give your business a FREE listing/review in our Business Directory, no ad purchase is required.

  2. Your potential customers expect you to be listed in America's largest book of resources for inmate services.

  3. There is never any cost to you, to update or revise your listing in our business directory. Your business is our business.

  4. For a limited time, we will create and publish a page for your company on our website, 

Advertise to Prisoners
Advertise to Inmates

Thousands of affluent inmates annually can see your ad. The more complex reality is our business model is opposite that of any other prison publications, which are subscription-based products that reach the same readers every month. We are not saying Inmate Shopper is better or worse, we say 80% of our readers are new, first-time buyers, this means the longer your ad runs, the more new people see it, vs. a subscription-based magazine where the longer your ad runs, the fewer new people see it.


This business model doesn't offer that initial big pop of replies that others provide, but over time our cumulative effect provides a better response rate per ad dollar spent. 


Business listing/reviews are free! Contact us and provide the same promotional materials you would send out to the inmates [customers] that reply to your ads.


Include how long you’ve been in business [with inmates] and how you got your start marketing to prisoners. The more information you provide about your [business] product or service, the more details that may appear in your listing/review.


Businesses marketing to the prisoner population, Inmate Shopper offers business owners a way to reach inmates with money to spend. Prisoners who buy Inmate Shopper buy it because they want to shop for products and services. Compare that to other prisoner publications that serve the more specific community of prisoners. 


In our niche marketplace, things take longer. We have done detailed studies and found that it takes approximately 4-6 months to get your business name and product out there. The most important fact is to build a long-term reputation of stability. Inmates are careful consumers, wary of fly-by-night businesses that come and go and take their hard-earned money with them. That means the best action for you is to keep your name and products in front of your potential customers and as many places as possible. Consider running your ads in all of our publications and on our websites.


Unlike the internet where we can run a test ad campaign and have the analytics in 48 hours, it requires 6 to 8 weeks to sell a majority of issues. Then, 3 to 6 weeks for prisoners to have a check sent by the prison to mail in their orders.


Know that every day, we are processing new customer orders, in addition to our regular customers. More of your ads are distributed daily to readers and those readers share each copy with 9.5 more potential customers. We also send free copies of our books to prison libraries. 


We offer many ad sizes to fit any advertising budget. Contact us today, get your ad into the next Annual Edition of Inmate Shopper, The Best 500 Non-Profit Orgs for Prisoners and Their Families, Kitty Kat, Life With A Record, and/or one of our other prisoner publications.


Ad space is available in each publication separately or can be custom bundled and saved. The bundle rates are available upon request and availability of publications. Call Freebird Publishers, the one-stop firm to handle your advertising needs.


Deadlines for Ad Copy

New Annual issue Inmate Shopper

Ad Deadline Dec 25th



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California Lifer News (CLN)



Freebird Publishers


Grant Publications


Mountain Review Newsletter


Phat Puffs Magazine

Prison Legal News


Prison Radio

Press Releases to all media

Returning Citizen Magazine

Street Seen Magazine

The Cell Block

Treasure Hunter Newsletter



Prisoner with Inmate Shopper
Noble Knight Games, Aaron Leeder

“Diane and Inmate Shopper has been a pleasure to do business with and has exposed our products to a selection of customers in need of them.”


Sub 0 Entertainment, Ronald Branch

"We LOVE 'INMATE SHOPPER' Magazine! the last awesome (2014) publication made inmates all over the USA aware of our New 'PHAT PUFFS MAGAZINE!'  Now we're HOTTER THAN EVER! if you have an awesome idea or product for inmates, then INMATE SHOPPER is the best way to market and promote!"


Love in a Gift Box, Kathleen Shook

"Inmate Shopper does everything they can to support their advertisers. The assistance offered by their graphic design department is invaluable. I'm very impressed with their concern that the advertiser has the best possible ad to promote their product. Prompt and courteous customer service always."


The Cell Block, Mike Enemigo, CEO

"INSH has done a phenomenal job at keeping us prisoners informed of prisoner-based businesses and their performance(s) – or lack thereof. The INSH is entertaining and loaded with good information. Diane at Freebird Publishing is great to work with and the customer service is top quality… If you want to expand your business, this is a good place to start... Thanks to all the staff at INSH!"


Channel Guide

"Inmate Shopper and Corcoran Sun were wonderful and surprising resources to learn about. Their knowledge and respect within the prison community have proven to be invaluable."



" has included Inmate Shopper as a part of our marketing strategy since the beginning and our results have been outstanding!  What a great wealth of information for the incarcerated community and a perfect way to market our business to this incredible little niche."


Wynword Press

"Wynword Press advertises with Freebird Publishers in their publications the Corcoran Sun and Inmate Shopper for inmates. We support Freebird Publishers in their efforts to provide inmates with opportunities and information." 


CNA, Casey Nall

"Inmate Shopper is the best thing that has ever happened to my business. Ever since advertising in it, the business has grown by 35%. I am now able to reach customers that I may have never acquired through normal avenues. The fact that it provides a wide variety of topics makes it a magazine that will be held onto for years to come only spreading my ad further and further as time goes by. The decision to advertise here is nothing but a win-win. I give it 2 thumbs up and 10 stars!!!!"


Notes & Novels, Kerdonna Blair

"Inmate Shopper is a wonderful service and I love to work with Diane! They have great customer service just like us! :-) "


Cell Shop

"Inmate Shopper is a terrific, effective resource for reaching the inmate population."

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