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Publishing Services
Package A
Typed, digitally formatted & spell checked: $4.25per pg., additional $2.00 per pg. for editing (punctuation/
Package B
Scanning (digitization of a typed doc), spell checked & format: $3.25 per pg., additional $2.00 per pg. for editing.
Package C
Formatting of digital file only: $2.75per pg., additional $2.00 per pg. for editing (unformatted Word.doc files only) (special pricing for different format).
Misc. Add-Ons

1. Table of Contents: $25 for basic design of your table of contents. $25 hr. for guidance to create chapter titles etc.


2. ISBN & Bar Codes: $25 - $100 based on what kind of number you require.


3. Covers: $150 - $450 based on the artwork and complexity 


4. EBook: $175 completed book converted to downloadable format, max. 150 pgs., add’l fees may apply


5. Copies: single-sided B&W $0.25 per pg., COLOR $0.75, double-sided B&W $0.45 per pg., COLOR $1.25 per pg.


6. Rough Draft: $20 a copy printed and mailed: charged per diem basis, max. 150 pgs., add’l fees may apply


7. Proof: $20 a copy printed and mailed: charged per diem basis, max. 150 pgs., add’l fees may apply

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Rates, Features, and Benefits of Service


This is a combination that adds up to a lot of work. When you choose self-publishing, you must have a do-it-yourself mentality, and a willingness to take on all the tasks that a publisher would normally do for you; as they say, books don't sell themselves. Whether your books are online, in brick-and-mortar stores, or made for e-readers, someone has to spend the time helping readers find your book. That takes a promotion plan and someone to carry it out. Below are some of the tasks you must-do if you decide to self-publish. The list is long if you get into the real nuts and bolts of the process. This is where Freebird Publishers comes into play.


  • Who will buy my book? Make a list! 

  • Do I have enough original content for a book; 120 or more pages? 

  • Can I afford to market my book at a minimum of $50 per month?



  • Have you developed a book proposal? Researched the idea to make sure it's viable as a full-length book? Defined your target audience? Created a detailed outline for the book's content? Become the publisher and pay for everything yourself or find a way to pay for it? 

  • Researching and writing your book, rewrite, revise and edit or hire a ghostwriter.

  • Promoting and advertising. creating brochures, press releases, etc.

  • Setting the price. To publish as a hardcover, softcover, or eBook.


  • Buy your ISBN, copyright, and other book-specific protections. 

  • A professional book editor. 

  • A professional book designer. 

  • A graphic designer to create your book's front and back covers or use your art. 

  • A web designer to develop a site to promote your book. 

  • Locate the correct printer. Send files in the right format to the printer or upload them to the printer. 

  • Have your book listed with online retailers and bookstores 

  • Develop marketing pages for Amazon and possibly other sites. 

  • Hire a distributor and arrange for distribution: Publish the book and ship it to consumers, booksellers, retailers, and distributors (as appropriate). 

  • Develop a promotion plan and materials for your book. 

  • Create your author bio, create brochures, press releases, etc.

  • Freebird Publishers takes these concerns out of your hands.

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