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The Good Life Starts After Leaving Prison for Published Authors

Freebird Publishers continue to support their authors after they leave prison. Freebird Publishers has touched many prisoners with the gift of success. They continue to transform incarcerated Americans into successful published authors effectively changing life for those touched and their families. They focus on all aspects of the author's life including maintaining good relationships while incarcerated with books such as Parent to Parent by William J. Patterson ( )

William J. Patterson is one of Freebird Publishers' featured authors who has contributed to Freebird Publishers' effort to help all prisoners. Not only has he written his book, Parent to Parent. He has also written the book Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Seven Steps to Financial Freedom. This book, like others written by Freebird Publishers authors, was written to assist other prisoners and their families to prepare for life after reentering society.

In his most profound financial book, he encourages prisoners to take charge of their finances long before release. This book covers many aspects of the bankruptcy procedure that even a prisoner can navigate with the wisdom between the covers. Getting the process started before release leaves a prisoner to live with the consequences for a much shorter period. The facts are simple, losing a career due to incarceration does ultimately lead to bankruptcy, and bankruptcy scars a person's credit for years on end. Starting that period early lets the period of credit unworthiness run with the time of incarceration leading to financial freedom much earlier upon release from prison.

Much of the bankruptcy procedure is technical and very straightforward. More often than not, there is only one way to complete a required form and only one set of rules that apply to that form. Being familiar with the legal system, prisoners understand that one misstep can cost you your freedom.

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