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How important are books and care packages to inmates? REALLY important.

Freebird Publisher Books and Care Packages | Inmate Publications

They are important enough for New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, to announce the following on Twitter just days after an article appeared in The New Yorker about programs restricting these items from inmates, “I am directing the Dept. of Corrections to rescind its flawed pilot program that restricted shipment of books & care packages to inmates.” A spokesperson for the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision further explained in an additional statement that the program would be suspended until concerns about “the price and availability of products under this program” could be addressed.

Books are an inmate's lifeline. They educate them, they entertain them, they open doors for them in their minds that are otherwise shut in the real world. Freebird Publishers understands this better than any other company out there servicing inmates. We provide inmate services, prison publications, education for inmates, prisoner services, and other products for the incarcerated. We also offer self-publishing services to inmates and their loved ones.

In The New Yorker article, Christopher Garcia ordered a belated Christmas present for his father. He chose two books on Amazon and sent them to the Shawangunk Correctional Facility, in Wallkill, New York. His father, Edwin, an avid reader of science fiction, has received about ten books in the last year from his son and aside from it taking a few extra days to reach their destination because of careful inspections, Amazon has proven to be an ideal shipper for prisons in all states with the exception of Arizona. Freebird Publishers recognizes this and strives to make ordering books as easy as possible so many of our publications can also be found on Amazon! Have Amazon Prime? Even better for you.


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Freebird Publisher | Inmate Publications

Here are just some examples of the books you can buy from FREEBIRD PUBLISHERS via AMAZON:

Best Books for Inmates | Freebird Publisher | Inmate Publications

Best Books for Inmates | Freebird Publisher | Inmate Publications

Best Books for Inmates | Freebird Publisher | Inmate Publications

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