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At Freebird Publishers, we offer an impressive selection of prisoner publications like resource books, guides, newsletters, and more. We invite you to check our blog frequently for featured publications. Choose from a selection of publications specifically for inmates to publications written by inmates. If you have any questions, please call us at 888-712-1987

Preparing a Holiday Feast in Prison with Cell Chef

How to Prepare a Holiday Meal in Prison The holidays are a difficult time for inmates since it is a period in which they realize all the events they are missing. One thing that can ease this pain is by coming together to celebrate with one another. A meal shared amongst you and your fellow inmates is one tradition that will be easily to replicate in prison with the help of Cell Chef. Tanner George Cummings puts together a series of recipes that can be made from food items sold in the commissary. With recipes for sandwiches, salsas, dips, and desserts, you are all set to have a great meal during the holidays. Purchase s cope for yourself or a loved one in prison on our site. Freebird Publishe

Great Last Minute Gift Ideas

Plush Singing Animated Animals from Freebird Publishers With Christmas less than one month away, shoppers are keen to find great gifts for everyone on their list. From co-workers to relatives, finding the right gift can be a struggle, but fortunately we at Freebird Publishers have the perfect solution. Our plush singing animals are animated, cute, and cuddly, and are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Whether you are looking for a friend, or even a loved one behind bars, our plush animals are animated, singing bundles of joy that are sure to elicit a smile.

The Gift Basket: The Ultimate Gift

Gift Baskets from Freebird Publishers This holiday season, give the gift that is bursting with fun. Gift baskets are a great way to show your appreciation for the family, friends, and loved ones in your life. Their versatility is unmatched because each gift basket can contain any number of items, from delicious foods and spices, to chocolate and candies, even toys, or other specialty items. It’s perfect for a food lover, and it is a great choice for a gift to an entire family. Holiday Baskets for Sale Whether you are a seasoned shopper that plans way ahead for the holiday season, or you are a last minute gift-getter extraordinaire, we at Freebird Publishers can help. Be sure to browse throug

Don’t Show Up to the Holiday Festivities Empty-Handed By Ordering a Gift Basket

Spreading Holiday Cheer with a Gift Basket Now that the holiday season is upon us, you will soon find yourself invited to many holiday parties. If you are tired of bringing the standard bottle of wine or simply want to spread holiday cheer then consider a gift basket. At FreeBird Publishers, we sell a wide variety of gift baskets suitable for many occasions. Our holiday selection contain baskets that are gorgeous to look at and filled with yummy treats. Hosts will appreciate the thought and guests will enjoy digging in! Order yours online today to ensure you are prepared for your next holiday party.

Being There for Inmates: The Little Things

Inmate Books, Visits, and More As the Holiday Season arrives, so many of us will be focusing on wrapping up work for the year, buying gifts, and spreading holiday cheer. It is easy for us to forget those less fortunate than us, something that relatives and friends of the incarcerated never soon forget. Inmates in our prison system are forced to forego so much behind bars, including regular human contact all of the festivities associated with Christmas, Hanukah, and the other holidays. Fortunately, there are some concrete ways that loved ones can assuage the burden of prison time, especially this time of year. A simple visit, even a recurring visit on a weekly basis, can do wonders, and reall

Gift Baskets for Special Diets

Expressing appreciation through a gift basket is a fun and thoughtful tradition. With the holidays just around the corner, delivering a gift basket to neighbors, friends, and loved ones is on your to-do list, but how can you accommodate those with special diets and stay within your budget? Gift Baskets for Special Diets Freedbird Publishers offers gift baskets for every occasion from a new baby or Easter, to Halloween and special diets. Featuring Kosher snack baskets, sugar free baskets, and baskets for your health, Freebird Publishers has all of your gift basket needs. Visit www.freebirdpublishers.com to view available gift baskets and to place your order today.

Shop Safely While in Prison

Shopping While in Prison Shopping online or ordering through a catalog has its own risks for those of us going about our everyday lives. It gets trickier for those who are in prison since it is not always clear what sites and publications should be trusted. When it comes to their funds, they can hardly afford to lose their hard earned dollars. Having seen this gap, we at Freebird Publishers made it our mission to provide inmates with a company they can trust. Our site is used by many inmates all over the country to purchase publications and access business information, safely. Our Fall/Winter Inmate Shopper Holiday Catalog is now available. Companies are listed by business name, information

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