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Preparing a Holiday Feast in Prison with Cell Chef

Holiday Gift Baskets | Inmates Publication| Freebird Publishing

How to Prepare a Holiday Meal in Prison

The holidays are a difficult time for inmates since it is a period in which they realize all the events they are missing. One thing that can ease this pain is by coming together to celebrate with one another. A meal shared amongst you and your fellow inmates is one tradition that will be easily to replicate in prison with the help of Cell Chef.

Tanner George Cummings puts together a series of recipes that can be made from food items sold in the commissary. With recipes for sandwiches, salsas, dips, and desserts, you are all set to have a great meal during the holidays. Purchase s cope for yourself or a loved one in prison on our site.

Freebird Publishers is based out of Massachusetts and services the entire United States. We provide inmate services, prison publications, and education for inmates, prisoner services and products for the incarcerated. Our other services include self-publishing services to inmates along with prison publications, education for inmates, prisoner services, and products for the incarcerated.

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