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Being There for Inmates: The Little Things

Inmate Books, Visits, and More

As the Holiday Season arrives, so many of us will be focusing on wrapping up work for the year, buying gifts, and spreading holiday cheer. It is easy for us to forget those less fortunate than us, something that relatives and friends of the incarcerated never soon forget. Inmates in our prison system are forced to forego so much behind bars, including regular human contact all of the festivities associated with Christmas, Hanukah, and the other holidays.

Fortunately, there are some concrete ways that loved ones can assuage the burden of prison time, especially this time of year. A simple visit, even a recurring visit on a weekly basis, can do wonders, and really raise the morale of the man or woman behind bars. Similarly, sending them a book to occupy their time is a great way to get their mind off their current plight. It is little things such as these that make all the difference to someone who spends night and day cooped up with little else to focus on.

Reading Material for Inmates and Prison Newsletters

Whether you know someone directly or indirectly who suffers behind bars, do the right thing this holiday season, and lend your time or your pocketbook with the help of Freebird Publishers. We have an extensive collection of books and resource guides for inmates to choose from, and are happy to help! We are experienced in mailing publications into prison mailroom and know the regulations to get the packages in properly. We take all the guessing out of mailing your friend or loved one a book for the holidays.

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