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I Am Not The Devil

In the year 3014 my team was sent to the planet NX-5 to destroy Lucifer. My team and I arrived in an underground conclave met by a group of creatures that looked unfamiliar. Surveying our surroundings we concluded this was a subterranean under verse. From among the shadows 5 creatures approached our party. "We are the counsel of 5 planets and have been awaiting your arrival." Then as they finished another being approached. He wasn't like the others but radiated a light source from his countenance. "I am Lucifer the light bearer.” We were stunned as one of the counsel of 5 spoke up. "Do you know why you are here?" He asked, "Yes! To destroy this devil." A rumble erupted from the others. "No! That is not why you are here. You were led here for a hearing.

Lucifer called this hearing to convince men he wasn't the devil.” He continued. "Our history records that eons ago a team of scientist set out from NX-5 to find life on other planets. Lucifer was one of our chief scientist and Satan was head of our military. Both beings were sent on the mission with 72 other scientist. "So, you mean to tell me that you sent Lucifer and Satan to our planet?" I asked with anticipation. "No not exactly. It is true they set out from NX-5 to look for life, but somewhere along the way Satan overthrew Lucifer and convinced the other 72 he was their leader. Lucifer escaped, returned back to NX-5, but Satan and the 72 went to earth and set up kingdoms among men. Man was primitive then a little more intelligent than the animals but very deceptive. Eventually the scientist started to reproduce through these creatures and created Super beings. Giants that became so strong that even Satan and the 72 couldn't control them. "Super men?" I asked.

Then Lucifer who had been quiet spoke up. "Yes. Super beings that possessed the knowledge and intelligence of Satan and the 72 themselves. Men had looked to these beings as gods because their ancestors came from heaven. Men called them "gods, devils" or as Islam and the Greeks spoke of them "Jinns" (genies) who had sexual intercourse with men by the children of these devils the (Nephilim).

The Koran states sura 89.9-15/27. "They were born before Adam. That built cities whose ruins still stand in forgotten places." The Egyptians called them "Nephilim" and explained their activity before the Great Flood. Most temples and monuments were built to resurrect the destroyed world which the Sumerians/Hebrews and Christians say was destroyed and subsequent destruction of the giant Nephilim." My team sat in amazement knowing these words were true. Lucifer continued. "Even in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda sits a drawing of the "Sun God".

The one known as the god of the (fifth) time Tonatiuth. Some call him Kosmoketra. He was a scientist part of our mission." A light went off in my head. Part of the Mayan text had spoken of him stating "(He) Kosmoketra created the animals and a race of giants. These beings enraged the Lord, and (He) turned them into stone. (He) flooded the earth until it rained 60 days." Finally the hearing had come to an end and the counsel demanded our verdict. "Now time has come for you to reach a verdict. How do you rule?"

After about an hour we only could come to a hung jury. Half believed Lucifer was an accomplice because he led the mission. The other half felt Satan and the 72 other devils were the cause because they overthrew him and he should be found not guilty. In the end to blame one was to blame the other but we all agreed that "Lucifer had escaped the test of time." The End

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