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About Our Company

Freebird Publishers is based in Massachusetts (MA) and services the entire United States. We provide inmate services, prisoner publications, education for inmates, prisoner services, and other products for the incarcerated. We also offer self-publishing services to inmates and their loved ones.


Shop our publications including resource books, legal books and guides, how-to books, entertainment photo books, pen pal assistance and much more. Shop our selection of gifts including a line of Swarovski Crystal jewelry called Touchstone, huge line of custom gift baskets for every occasions and all budgets, plush animated/singing plush gifts, flowers, chocolates, perfumes, personalized gifts and more


Freebird Publishers offers prisoner publications like Inmate Shopper, resource books, legal books and guides, how-to books, entertainment photo books, collectible artwork photos, and other nice items created for and by incarcerated individuals. Our goals are to help prisoners allowing them to better ready themselves and their families upon release and become a stronger person getting ready for reentry. We work with all inmates within all the levels Federal BOP, state prisons and county jails in the country.


Freebird Publishers can professionally handle all your publishing needs. We can assist you in every step of publishing your words into a printed or eBooks. We offer our self-publishing services to all incarcerated prisoners and inmates throughout the USA. We have a dedicated marketing and talented graphic design department to assist you in promoting your books.


We provide 3 of the 4 national prisoner publications in America. Inmate Shopper, Resources for Inmate Services, The Best 500 Non Profit Organizations for Prisoners and Their Families, a prisoner resource book. Our reentry book Life With A Record, is a how-to addressing the whole reentry process. Freebird Publishers are dedicated to and specialize in inmate services, prisoners’ services and incarcerated services.


Freebird Publishers goal is to help prisoners keep in touch with the outside world while becoming a stronger person, ready for release. We work with all inmates in all prisons and mail our books into every prison mail room on every level of Federal BOP, state prisons and county jails in the United states and now have expanded internationally too..