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Gifts for Prisoners from Freebird Publishers - We Make It Easy to Send Books to Loved Ones Behind Ba

The new year is a time where many people resolve to make a new start. For those behind bars, this may be a more challenging task than for most outside prison walls. Despite the difficulty though, it can be done and there's no better way to pass the time in prison than with positive activities. Few companies know these circumstances better than Freebird Publishers – a company that has been working with inmates and their families for many years by providing literature and other gifts that are safe to send to those behind bars. Freebird also gives prisoners the opportunity to publish manuscripts themselves. Their well-structured system for doing this is simple, straightforward, and affordable for those who may have a stronger inclination towards writing.

When it comes to book selections for inmates, friends and family have a wide selection to choose from. Freebird Publishers specially publications range in diversity from resources for inmate services, nonprofit orgs for prisoners, reentry, pen pal and more. They carry books for inmates with a large variety of topics from politics to fiction and spirituality to entertainment. Freebird Publishers website allows visitors to select between well-known titles and authors and titles by actual inmates themselves. Fantastic new titles published by Freebird Publishers include Cell Chef Cookbooks, Post-Conviction Relief Series, Celebrity Female Star Power, How to Write & Get Paid, S.T.O.P. Start Thinking Outside Prison, Life with a Record and many more. Freebird Publishers contribution is well known by those within the prison system and their loved ones on the outside. In fact, they provide four of the six national prisoner publications in America. These include Inmate Shopper, Resources for Inmate Services; The Best 500 Non-Profit Organizations for Prisoners and Their Families, a prisoner resource book; Prison Legal Guide and Kitty Kat, An Adult NON NUDE Entertainment Resource Book. "At Freebird Publishers, our passion is about helping inmates better themselves through education, creativity, and even entertainment," Freebird Publishers CEO, Diane Schindelwig. "Our experience working with family members and friends on the outside in getting literature, gifts, and more to your loved ones behind prison walls is what we excel at. We hope that 2019 will be a time where inmates will be able to continue to better themselves and find positive outlets through our services and we greatly look forward to serving them and their loved ones." To send Free color flyers to your loved one in prison or for more information about Freebird Publishers, call them today toll-free at 888-712-1987 or visit

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