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Gift Baskets: A Great Surprise for Inmates’ Loved Ones on the Outside

Get Well Gift Baskets | Freebird Publisher

Inmates sending gifts to loved ones on the outside can be a challenging task. Not only is cost a huge obstacle that keeps many from being able to send anything to their family, friends, and acquaintances, but the very act of ordering is – in and of itself – sometimes impossible without the appropriate means. Fortunately, Freebird Publishers makes inmates’ desires a real possibility by offering an online store (for those non-inmates) as well as paperback look books (for inmates and non-inmates alike) full of gift baskets that are filled to the brim with great goodies of all kinds. From baskets that are geared especially for men or women, babies, or children to ones that are related to particular holidays, Freebird Publishers offers an array of great choices with something for everyone.

What’s more is that Freebird uses profits to donate copies of our The Best 500+ Non Profit Orgs for Prisoners and Their Families Book to any prison library that requests them.

So, whether you know someone who likes gardening, singing plush gifts, or sports, order a gift basket today on behalf of an inmate you know and let one of their loved ones experience the joy of receiving a thoughtful gift.

Have any questions about gift baskets? Give us a call and we’ll help!

Gift Look Book is available to order online, mail email or phone.

Freebird Publishers Box 541, North Dighton, MA 02764

Toll free 888-712-1987 Phone/Text 774-406-8682

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