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The Dynamics of Prison in America Have Changed

Freebird Publishers spend countless hours to help prisoners keep up with the changing time. The biggest contribution is in publishing a book called the inmate shopper ( The inmate shopper is available to prisoners around the country and supplies information about legal matters, books, and much more.

In the past two years the world has changed, and prisoners did not escape the effects. Prisons around the country are locked down due to new COVID restriction and new mail policies have interrupted their best line of communication. Unfortunately, the last people to be informed are the prisoners and their families. That is where Freebird Publishers fills the gaps with their latest Inmate Shopper.

Freebird Publisher distributes America's largest inmate shopping guide and services directory for Prisoners! Inmate Shopper is an In-print publication that offers inmates a safer way to shop and access business information all in one place. Freebird Publishers have researched all the businesses listed in Inmate Shopper to keep them updated in every issue. Inmate Shopper informs its readers about established and newer companies and offers information on pen pal services, scams, opportunities, and places to sell their writing, arts, and crafts. Only Inmate Shopper lists Pen Pal websites, Personal Assistants, Gift Boutiques, Businesses that want to send you their catalog and listings of services for writers, poets and artists. Companies are listed in Inmate Shopper alphabetically by business name and information about that company can include contact info, area served, cost of catalogs, payment methods, whether or not a SASE is required and a business review and rating of the company. Businesses Rated 10 receive the Inmate Shopper stamp of approval so you know which companies are the best to shop with.

The Inmate Shopper is a semiannual publication that is the best way to keep a prisoner informed. Being informed is the gateway to early release, good personal health, and confidence as an American prisoner.


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