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Recent Reports Refer to Suicide as a Silent Epidemic

Over the past year, life in America has been forever changed by the outbreak of Covid-19. Among the most affected are the millions of incarcerated Americans in prisons and jails across the nation. Prison life has become more complex than ever before. Not only do prisoners battle the threat of Covid-19, but now many suffered greater limitations on social interactions. these new and often necessary restrictions cause depression and hopelessness the number of prisoners who have died in custody has compounded since 2019, far surpassing any other year. The greatest number of unnecessary deaths is caused by suicide. Three people incarcerated in Arizona state prisons recently died by suicide in the span of four weeks. Freebird Publishers holds the opinion that a prisoner's mental health can be affected by the reading material available to them.

With the concern of loved ones on the rise, Freebird Publishers promotes publications that have proven to raise the spirits of prisoners around the country. This bold move begins with the re promotion of:

- S.T.O.P: Start Thinking Outside Prison,

- Parent to Parent Raising Children from Prison, and

- Ask Believe Receive.

These three books are written to warm the hearts of prisoners and their families, while uplifting their lives as they prepare for the future. When read and applied by the incarcerated it affects their family, friends, and community. The light that begins to glow inside them affects the prisoners around them and help prepare them for a positive crime free life upon release.

When we prepare a prisoner to cope with what is inside, we also prepare them for their inevitable release, back out to our neighborhoods. Through these positive thinking books a mind is changed and a life is restored. Not only do we fight suicide and depression, but we also fight recidivism.

Once again Freebird Publisher reaches out to touch those in need and the family members that love them. They show a deep concern for those who are incarcerated and who have fallen into depression. They reach out in hopes to prevent prison suicides and raise awareness among families to a real need.

In their latest move, Freebird Publishers brings to prisoners some of the most uplifting books on the market. Books that have proven themselves to be effective in the darkest environments for years on end. These books have changed depression into successful examples of uplifting speakers and advocates of reform.


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