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Penacon Makes It Easy to Connect the Incarcerated with the World

Writing to inmates is no joke—it comes with rules and safety precautions. Those rules, which are set by the prisons, are different in every state. With the help of (, people can know they are in compliance no matter where the prisoner is incarcerated.

Correspondence is the basic first step of prisoner support and recidivism reduction. It is how people connect: over difference, over space, and over prison walls. The isolation experienced by prisoners is the most debilitating part of a prison sentence, but prison correspondence can often provide much more than emotional support. When a prisoner receives mail at mail call, it indicates to the guards and other prisoners that someone outside is paying attention and that whatever happens will be noticed. It has a tangible impact on reducing violence and administrative harassment. In developing some correspondence, people can help connect a prisoner with the world outside and help link them to resources, education, and community support not reachable in prison.

In today's times, the mail is being restricted in prisons across the nation. Likewise, other facilities are copying or scanning letters and pictures into low-quality prints and distributing them to inmates. These may seem like insignificant things, but anyone with a personal connection to the prison system knows they are not. Personal testimonies and research alike demonstrate that regular correspondence with the outside world is crucial to an incarcerated person's mental health while inside the prison as well as their ability to successfully reintegrate upon release.

Regular correspondence became more urgent for incarcerated people and their family members during the pandemic, as many facilities have suspended or restricted visitation. For lots of families affected by the criminal justice system, email writing and pen pal services became the most accessible form of maintaining contact, due to the often-exorbitant fees charged by the private companies that operate prison phone services, and video calls.

For these reasons, has become one of the leading methods of meeting and maintaining relationships over prison walls. Penacon's web-based pen pal system has made it safe and easy for everyone to be a part of transforming the criminal justice system by reducing recidivism.

For more information on meeting and corresponding with a prisoner visit:


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