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National Publishing Company Connects Striving Businesses with Under Tapped Market

As a country America was founded on the hope of free enterprise . Its citizens are encouraged to dream big, work hard, and prosper. Since the beginning, entrepreneurs of all education levels have developed, produced, and distributed their wares all over the planet. Henry Ford built one of the largest automobile companies in the world with little more than his own personal drive and ambition to succeed. But yet, thousands of companies with great ideas and massive amounts of start-up capitol go out of business every year.

The secret to a profitable business is good service, good management, and great marketing. There have been millions of great ideas that didn't succeed because they failed to reach the people willing to pay for them. Thus, marketing is the most important part of any business.

Marketing is a complex study of the population to determine who would have an interest in a particular product or service. And then how to make that population aware that the product or service is available.

American businesses now have the potential to reach over two million new customers with a single call. This is made possible by Freebird Publishers and their connection to a grossly under-serviced population.

There are over two million people incarcerated across America today. Those prisoners represent a class of people who have few products and services available to them. But yet, they have the same desires and ability to purchase gifts for their family members and friends as anyone else. They also have the means for producing intellectual properties that requires the services of many businesses outside of prison walls.

The members of America's most secret sub-culture are almost all employed. The Federal Bureau of Prisons-the single largest prison system in the world-prides itself in saying that all of its prisoners are gainfully employed. The Federal Prison system has available, to its population, a small grocery store called a commissary, a vast array of communication services, and college courses that prisoners can spend their earnings on.

Most American business owners don't know that prisoners send gifts, hire professionals, and use a wide variety of services.

Freebird Publishers has built a bridge like the world has never before seen. For more information about how to reach up to over two million new customers with an ad in the Inmate Shopper They have connected American businesses with the service hungry culture of American prisoners. Freebird Publishers has made services available to prisoners, and new customers available to businesses. They have done this with the wide spread availability of their book, the Inmate Shopper. Inside the Inmate Shopper prisoners nationwide can find legal services, mail order degree programs, and gift giving companies. Some of the businesses that advertise in the Inmate Shopper prosper by catering to prisoners alone.

For those of you that have never seen Freebird Publishers, best selling resource book for inmate services can view a read only electronic edition of the current issue, Inmate Shopper, Annual 2019-20 at


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