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Freebird Publishers Release a New Book on US Prison Health

Prison Health Handbook is 68 Chapters filled with alarming facts about health issues happening everyday inside today's prison systems. Red flags to help worn those inside and educate those outside. Many solutions, ways to avoid and make situations better. 277 pages in paperback and eBook will open your eyes and make you skin crawl to what is lurking inside of US prisons. The Prison Health Handbook is a one-stop go-to source for information on how to maintain the best health while inside the American prison system. Filled with information, tips, and secrets from doctors, gurus, and other experts, this book will educate on such things as proper workout and exercise regimens; yoga benefits for prisoners; how to meditate effectively; pain management tips; sensible dieting solutions; nutritional knowledge; an understanding of various cancers, diabetes, hepatitis, and other diseases all too common in prison; how to effectively deal with mental health issues such as stress, PTSD, anxiety, and depression; a list of things doctors DON'T want ANYONE to know; and much, much more! This book also includes the rights to adequate medical care while in prison, and how to effectively advocate for your medical needs, should need to do so! Don't let prison defeat someone by breaking them down, little by little, mentally and physically. Protect yourself by taking the matter of health into your our hands using this amazing collection of health knowledge, tips, secrets, and by knowing our rights! A LETTER FROM AUTHOR MIKE ENEMIGO Prison is a filthy, depressing, dark, disgusting, even toxic place, both physically and mentally. It's bad for our health in every way. want some examples? Here a few real titles of articles right out Prison Legal News. - California Prisons Struggle with Environmental Threats from Sewage Spills, Contaminated Water, Air-borne Disease - Georgia Prison Doctor Rewarded for Cutting costs as Prisoners Died Under His Care - Seventh Circuit Dissent: "A Dog Would Have Deserved Better Treatment - Major Scabies Outbreak at Core Civic Facility in Tennessee - Lawsuit Alleges Four Oregon Prisons Served Food "Not for Human Consumption - Tennessee: High Cost of Drugs Cited as Reason to Deny Prisoners Hep C Treatment - Attica Medical Experiments Exposed - Do I need to continue? You get it, right? After over 20 years of bouncing around from prison to prison in the state of California, the author has experienced a number of unhealthy circumstances: having brown, dirty, rusty water coming out of his sink; been fed food that clearly says on the box "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION"; He was denied surgery for two years for a torn rotator cuff, which allowed his shoulder to dislocate fourteen times during those two years; once got a flu shot that made him sick for three months; he's been in a prison where guards and visitors are warned via posted signs to NOT drink the water because of high arsenic levels, yet it's the only water for prisoners to drink; he's been to prisons where inmates were actually dying from Valley Fever due to the contaminated land the prisons were built upon; and this doesn't even begin to get into the lack of nutrition, exercise, and the mental wear and tear he has gone through. In an effort to survive, literally, the author finally decided he'd have to take health into his own hands, at least as much as possible, given his circumstances. So, though he is no doctor, he began to collect information, read and educate himself, so he'd at least have a basic understanding and increase the odds at remaining healthy in such an unhealthy environment. The author couldn't find one complete source -- one go-to source. He just began to gather all he could from doctors, gurus, therapists, experts and even prisoners, put it together and created his own go-to source that he could use as a reference when needed -- a guide for health success. And as a prisoner-author who specializes in self-help books and reports for prisoners, it was the natural next step that he shares all he has learned and gathered in the form of a one-stop book, to regain some power and control over our own health, both mentally and physically. Because, in prison, if YOU don't take care of YOU, who else will?

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