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Pen Pal Company Seeking Volunteers to Promote Prisoner Rehabilitation

Pen Pals have become a huge positive influence in the way of Prisoner Rehabilitation. Prison Pen Pal service, has recently been asking for persons willing to correspond with inmates to volunteer their time in helping the prisoners listed on their pen pal service. We are taught to show pity, compassion, and kindness to those in difficult situations. Have you ever considered reaching out to a lonely inmate? is currently seeking these volunteers (at no monetary cost to you) to help promote inmate rehabilitation. An important role in prisoner rehabilitation is forming trusting relationships. By providing a steady friendship to a lonely prisoner you'll be helping them on their process to becoming a successful citizen once released. Prisoners have said that having a friend on the outside helps them to feel less isolated, helps change their self-identity, provide a distraction, boost their overall happiness and raises their hopes for life beyond prison. While being a pen pal to one of the inmates on not only helps them in their journey it can also provide the pen friend with a feeling of satisfaction. Having someone that looks up to them and depends on them for emotional support while also serving the Lord. "For the lord hears the needy and does not despise his own people who are prisoners" Psalm 69:33. If you are interested in reaching out to a lonely prisoner visit today. Your support and love are appreciated.

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