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Freebird Publishers Offers Free Download "First Step"

Sentence reductions are highest in two decades. Everyone who is or knows a federal prisoner has, most likely, heard about The First Step Act. As you know it is a long awaited 'First Step' to prison reform that was signed into law on December 21, 2018, by the President, Donald Trump. This is the first meaningful effort to provide relief to all prisoners currently confined by The Federal Bureau of Prisons. To say the least the possibilities under this law will be the subject of discussions and controversies for the next two years. Our primary goal when we wrote our booklet on the new law was to answer the most important question of all What does the prisoner have coming now? How does the prisoner get it? This is not a comprehensive analysis, this is a brief view of what is happening now. Download a FREE copy of "EARLY RELEASE Under the FIRST STEP ACT and the Naked Truth." Freebird Publishers announces the release of The Post-Conviction Relief series and the forth book, Post-Conviction Relief: Winning Claims. These books are written to make simple, the complicated process that prisoners are required to use to reduce their sentences. A sentence reduction may become appropriate because of judicial error, changes in law, and/or Supreme Court decisions; which are plentiful in today's atmosphere of criminal justice reform. There have been more sentence reductions in the past two years; than in the previous two decades. Prisoners should not be left in the dark, only because they don't know what they are due. Never before has a set of books been written specifically to assist prisoners of all walks of life and education levels. This set of books is designed to teach you how simple Post Conviction Relief was designed to be, in an easy to understand and progressive manner. Each book contains resource material such as; rules, laws, and definitions that are not normally available to prisoners. With this library you will have all the necessary references that are not otherwise provided. This is a proven approach to Post Conviction Relief that anyone can use. It's not just for lawyers anymore. About Kelly Patrick Riggs Kelly Patrick Riggs is the author of the Post-Conviction Relief series. He has spent thousands of hours in study to refine his skill as a Jailhouse Lawyer. His simple approach to advocacy has been proven to be effective in today's courts around the country. After years of assisting other prisoners Mr. Riggs finally put his knowledge, about the Post-Conviction Relief process, into print. Most importantly he wrote it in terms that anyone could understand. With this new release and those that follow, Mr. Riggs continues to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. In addition, Mr. Riggs has three more books published, two novels and a tribute. Grasshopper, is a candid story about the life of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club member, told in vivid detail. Under Seal is a fascinating book that contains sex, greed, government corruption, and murder and The Mourning After is a heartwarming book in loving memory of his mother.

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