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Former Convict Gives the Gift of Publication to Prisoners

Diane E Schindelwig of Freebird Publishers | Publication to Prisoners

Diane E Schindelwig, a former federal prisoner, offers publishing services to authors currently serving time.

While doing time in 2008, Diane Schindelwig quickly discovered that there was a shortage on quality content as far as both informational resources and entertainment were concerned. It was then that she set upon the mission to solve this problem once and for all. Diane had no prior experience nor any real knowledge about publishing and distributing books, but this wasn’t going to stop her. She was on a mission and she was going to make it happen.

It was then that she looked inside the prison walls themselves. Diane realized there was an abundance of incredibly talented inmates. All they needed were the right tools and a publisher that understood how to navigate the system. That’s where Freebird Publishers comes in.

Freebird Publishers offers services that allow inmates to get their book published and out there in the market. With a variety of packages to choose from, Freebird handles everything from typing and editing the manuscript, creating book covers, digitally formatting the work into an eBook, and much more.

Some of the publications written by prisoners include the following:

Cellpreneur | Best Books for Inmates | Freebird Publisher | Inmate Publications

CELLPRENEUR: THE MILLIONAIRE PRISONER’S GUIDEBOOK Don't just sit in a prison cell wasting valuable time. For the entrepreneur with original ideas, this book offers information on how to put them to good use and start a business! You may think it's impossible, but Josh Kruger did it and is here to show the world how it can be done. The Cellpreneur provides valuable information for prisoners including how to properly form an LLC or corporation, how to finance startup costs, and tips on how to manage time and money.

POST-CONVICTION RELIEF: SECRETS EXPOSED For information on how to get out of prison early, look no further than Post-Conviction Relief: Secrets Exposed. From cover-to-cover, Post-Conviction Relief provides valuable resources on how to gain access to cases and writing simple, effective motions. Within these pages are motions and secrets used by real Habeas Corpus practitioners as well as real cases that have prevailed. There’s no reason to sit behind bars for a lifetime when the real world is out there waiting.

Hobo Pete and the Ghost Train Best Books for Inmates | Freebird Publisher | Inmate Publications

HOBO PETE AND THE GHOST TRAIN Nestled deep in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, there’s a sleepy little town by the name of Carbon Hollow. It was in the spring of 1963 when Andy, Matt and Ben, three young boys from Carbon Hollow, began hearing trains pass in the night. No one else heard the trains, just them. Or so they thought. A story of adventure, this book is the perfect gift for young and old alike.

S.T.O.P. START THINKING OUTSIDE PRISON Healthy thought patterns are critical to one’s success, failure, and survival. When someone doesn’t stop to think about the decisions they’re making, often results in impulsive behaviors. Unfortunately, when the wrong kind of impulses aren't tamed or controlled, the unhealthy behavior patterns will be present themselves throughout life. S.T.O.P. was written to help promote a greater thinking process - a thinking process believed to slow down the recidivism rate and promote making decisions from a professional, calm, and diplomatic standpoint.

To learn more about Freebird Publishers and the publications and services they offer, visit their website here.

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