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Soft Shots Volume 1

Sexy Girls For Your Viewing Pleasure | Best Books for Inmates | Freebird Publisher | Inmate Publications

Books and magazines are the gift that keeps on giving and we offer a great selection of prison friendly photo books. We are constantly updating our list of available publications and are proud to bring you Soft Shots Volume 1.

Soft Shots features full-color, gloss, non-nude photos for your viewing pleasure. With a different photo on every page, you can enjoy our beautiful ladies dressed in sexy outfits and posing in alluring positions. From titillating school girls to saucy vixens, we’re sure to have the girl for you. This gorgeous publication boasts $100+ worth of sexy photos, all for one low price. Buy a copy for your loved one today!

At Freebird Publishers, we carry Soft Shots Vol 1 and other similar books for your viewing pleasure. Due to experience, all books are shipped separately to ensure unnecessary prison room mail delays. All book prices include shipping and handling.

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