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What's In A Name...Do Names and Brands Make A Difference

Branding is an emotional attachment between a customer and a company, product, person, or other things people support. In today's media it's not hard to see that companies around the world spend hundreds of billions of dollars on branding. Everyone who knows the value of branding spends a great deal of resources protecting their image. Image is where the difference is noticed between companies, products, people, and even politicians. Their image is determined by the brand they wear. The concept of branding is best understood by a publisher. Publishers around the world spend untold amounts of money and time, promoting authors and the books that they write. It's publishers like Random House, St. Martin's Press, Freebird Publishers and others who understand how important it is for new authors to protect their personal brands as well. It's indisputable that modern digital life makes everyone "highly searchable" by anyone who seeks information. When it comes to the professional lives of new authors, it becomes even more relevant. It's because bookstores, agents, and event planners can gain a glimpse into an author's personal life, even when the author doesn't know about their interest, that makes personal branding so important. That's why it's critically important to protect all aspects of an author's brand, even personal details.

When new authors release their first books their personal lives quickly become public knowledge. That's why It's important to do a quick Google search before reaching out to the public. That way, a new author knows what's currently attached t

o their name. An author of children's book may not want a ten-year-old picture of a youthful indiscretion appearing on the same search page as their new book. And, if things are found that shouldn't be public, an advance search gives an opportunity to implement damage control.

Content is the key to keeping a personal brand in good health. Keeping fresh content on both personal and professional social media accounts is the main key to providing strong branding.

There are thousands of ways to improve the health of an author's personal brand, and for the inexperienced it can be an overwhelming task. New authors have the option of following the guidance of the professionals. Authors who want to take a good look at successful branding can visit a publisher's website as is found at


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