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Secret to Surviving Prison Just Released to the Public

Prison is one of the hardest places in the world for anyone to learn to live in. The biggest problem, of course, is knowing how to communicate effectively and safely. For a first timer this is near impossible without a little guidance. What was once learned from years of experience is now found in a single book. Freebird Publishers is proud to announce the release of Prisoner's Communication Guidelines for Navigating in Prison (

For most people, it takes years to learn how sensitive and hostile the prison environment truly is. In most cases judgment and violence can be triggered with just a few words or even a look. The most cautious of new prisoners are very quiet and stay to themselves, only later to me considered strange. Its difficult to know what to say, when, and to whom.

In this new book, Prisoner's Communication Guideline for Navigating in Prison has years of experience, knowledge, and research on every page. Prisoners from all over the country have contributed unique points of view and successful strategies for verbally and non-verbally existing in prison during your sentence and return to society.

While in prison an inmate must attend some classes and programs to reach successful rehabilitation. To sign up for and pass such courses a new arrival must communicate with others.

For prisoners who want to get things done, they will need assistance to accomplish all they set out to do. They must be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas clearly to another person so their goals will be met. In most cases those people will be other inmates.


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