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Publisher Comes to the Aid of State Prisoners

Freebird Publishers announces the release of a comprehensive post-conviction relief book that targets state prisoners. The book, 2254 Pro Se Guide to Winning Federal Relief, ( Is an addition to a long line of books written by Raymond E. Lumsden. In this book Mr. Lumsden continues to translate complex legal issues and practice into laymen's terms for everyone to understand.

This is the fourth book in a legal series by Raymond E. Lumsden designed to teach and assist pro se prisoners, and the public, in post-conviction proceedings. This extremely easy-to-use tutorial, packed full of sample motions, letters, forms, and pleadings, will assist prisoners in advancing your rights in federal court. It's a must-have for anyone attempting to do so pro se. Logically written in layman terms for easy comprehension and strategically outlined and organized, this book allows anyone to absorb and easily follow the complicated and twisted path that is the federal court system. This is an invaluable tool and resource for any pro se user who hopes to achieve relief in their federal post-conviction habeas corpus. Herein is everything anyone will ever need to know, at their fingertips for use and application, in their federal habeas corpus.


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