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New Book Fuels the Fire of Prosperity for Its Readers

Everyone wants to escape the grind of living from paycheck to paycheck. Most people dream of investing in a future where the need to work is nothing more than an option. This is especially true for the incarcerated, who know that finding employment will be twice as difficult after prison. Now, more than ever, the need to save and invest money is laid upon prisoners as much as everyone else. For the first time ever, prisoners are guided through investing with the release of Pro Se Prisoner: How To Buy Stocks and Bitcoin

This new book is focused on investing and earning in Bitcoin and stocks starting with nothing more than the average prisoner can save from a prison job or gifts from family and friends. Being a Pro Se prisoner is a state of mind. They are the Do-It-Yourself prisoners who go and get knowledge, money, and freedom. It's a common belief that prison, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the Department of Corrections will rehabilitate prisoners with programs, school, and re-entry resources. We have been told that returning inmates will be prepared for success on the outside. None of this has come to pass and as such the system has failed America as a whole. There is hope, and with this book prisoners can take the first step to empowering themselves to become financially free.

Pro Se Prisoners: How To Buy Stocks and Bitcoin instruct its readers about their financial freedom, investment options, how to buy DRIPs, cryptocurrency, and ETFs. This is much more than a book, it's the start of a journey into different investments that most prisoners have believed were unavailable to them, until now.

Even while incarcerated a prisoner can buy stocks, bitcoin, and ETFs without having to rely on friends and family who often don't have the time. With this book prisoners can truly stand for themselves as they take charge of their financial future, before leaving prison.


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