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American Prisoners Find New and Exciting Books on the Market

Freebird Publishers announces the release of new books for prisoners around the country. The most informative book now is the new Freebird Publishers Vol. 3 ( It contains a list of books that are of benefit to prisoners especially those who seek a better life outside of prison. That includes listings for prisoners who want to stay connected to loved ones by sending gifts and those who want to see if they are eligible for early release. It contains a full list of Post-Conviction Relief books written by featured author Kelly Patrick Riggs.

Freebird Publishers knows that education can be a gateway to social and economic mobility. This vital opportunity, however, is currently being denied to a significant portion of the more than 2.3 million individuals currently incarcerated in the United States. Freebird Publishers strives to fill the gap with a list of education opportunities in the Inmate shopper, listed in this catalog.

This all-new Catalog Vol. 3. Freebird Publishers' full-color catalog has product listings of their prisoner publications: resource books, photo books, entertainment books, gift books, Swarovski jewelry books, self-publishing services, photo services, high-quality gifts, and holiday selections too! The catalog includes complete detailed ordering information, forms, and more. All pages featured in detailed full-color photographs on 5.5" x 8.5", 88 pages with full descriptions and prices.

The new catalog will touch a prisoner on many levels, the most important of all is their connection to humanity. The new Inmate Shopper gives a long list of reentry resources and many sources for education and self-improvement. This new catalog is the gateway for any prisoner to come out of prison, a better person than when they went in.


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