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American Entrepreneurs Come Together...We Can Make A Difference

Billions of tax dollars are spent every year, to incarcerate non-violent first-time offenders. Many first offences are motivated by a

personal financial crisis. The offenders are driven by an unreasonable fear of loss. The government's position is best exemplified in the words of Jeff Sessions, a former U.S. Attorney General, who said, "lock em' up, the prisons have plenty of room." The Sessions strategy was clear, punish poverty by inflicting the families of offenders with more poverty. The "lock em' up," mentality rang a bell. It brought attention to an ongoing crisis that began in the 80's, and then went wild in the 90's. The American people were startled out of their complacency. As a result, Mass-Incarceration has become the number one social crisis of the 21st century. It has drawn the attention of a New York University law professor, Rachel Barkow, who was quoted by CBS as saying, "While you're incarcerating people, not only are you not making them better, you're often putting them in environments where they are likely to become worse." This realization has provoked responses from entrepreneurs from all over the United States and from many walks of life. A few of the Entrepreneurs who are committed to fighting for Criminal Justice Reform are the Charles Koch, Diane Schindelwig the CEO of Freebird Publishers, author Kelly Patrick Riggs, and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

It was after one of Charles Koch's senior managers was unjustly accused of a federal crime, and jailed even though he had adequate funding to fight his battle, that Charles and David Koch had their eyes opened to the terrible abuses' in America's, third world, Criminal Justice system. They have since poured money into hard-right causes and candidates since 2015. Author Kelly Patrick Riggs has studied the cause and effect of long sentences from inside a prison for over seven years. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream has invested over a million dollars on Facebook ads denouncing Mass-Incarceration. And, Freebird Publishers is fighting recidivism by changing the lives of prisoners.

Diane at Freebird Publishers, like many other entrepreneurs, has identified the lack of educational opportunities as the leading cause of recidivism. As a result, her company developed a number of options to help inmates, and the underprivileged of our society, to learn the necessary steps to become effective writers and published authors. Ultimately, becoming focused and purpose driven assets to American communities.

On July 3, 2019, Freebird Publishers released their latest installment of 'The Inmate Shopper'. It is America's largest book of resources for inmate services. But, in addition it contains more educational and writing opportunities than ever before. The Inmate Shopper includes anti-recidivism and higher learning information that can have a lasting effect on both state and federal inmates.

Freebird Publishers has observed that the most effective and ignored key to The Inmate Shopper'. It is America's largest book of resources for inmate services is education. Prisoners who become educated are the least likely to recidivate in comparison to all other classes of ex-offenders. To learn more about Freebird Publishers efforts in The Great Movement to fight Mass-Incarceration visit their website:


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