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Reducing Crime in American Neighborhoods

The First Step Act is the first significant step in fighting crime in the last two centuries. The new law reduces crime by preparing departing prisoners for several types of success. Successful prisoners who become productive members of American communities, avoid becoming re-offenders on their way back to prison. The First Step Act also invited companies and non-governmental organizations to assist prisoners in engaging in productive activities. Companies that provide inmate services are indispensable in providing productive activities. Freebird Publishers has stepped out from the crowd by offering an inmate publication process. When prisoners become authors, their lives change, they leave behind thoughts of the next big score, and instead spend the time working on their next book. Freebird Publishers contribution to fighting crime is made by reducing the number of unprepared inmates who are leaving prison. With Freebird Publishers help, their wide variety of book services, and self-publishing opportunities, they are making a way for American prisoners to turn away from their unproductive thoughts of crime. Freebird Publishers is an industry leader in publishing inmate books. They have been in business for years as a full-time publisher and provide all the services of any mainstream publisher. Their passion, however, is to service incarcerated Americans and their loved ones. Every aspect of their business is engineered to provide the best the publishing industry can offer to those who previously had no access to a publisher. Freebird provides writing tips and how-to-books for beginning writers, along with state-of-the-art electronic services for seasoned authors. They provide an all-in-one publishing package that describes every detail of the publishing process in an easy-to-read booklet. In years to come, prison stories could become a highly successful genre, tapping newly enfranchised inmates' creativity. Freebird Publishers will be there to help the inmates navigate the technical, marketing and production issues of publishing. Freebird Publishers is headquartered in North Dighton, Massachusetts. They have been in the business of providing necessary information and specialized publishing services to inmates since 2013. They have earned the confidence of prisoners and their families nationwide.

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