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Books For Inmates: Gifts That Keep Giving

Books for Inmates | Gifts that keep Giving

Politics & Social Science Reading for Prisoners

Anyone who knows what it’s like for a prison inmate to be confined indoors all day with minimal contact with the outside world knows that any kind of stimulation such as reading can be a truly rewarding activity. As a business that has specialized for many years in giving books as gifts to prisoners, we at Freebird Publishers have put a smile on many faces through giving the opportunity of being able to have great material to pass the time while in prison.

Whether it’s for the holidays or any other time of year, Freebird has many books that make an ideal gift for a friend, family member, or loved one behind bars. With politics being an especially hot topic this year, why not help an inmate polish up on books that offer great insight into many innerworkings behind the justice system? Perhaps Jailhouse Lawyers by the well-known Mumia Abu-Jamal or the tragic yet ultimately inspiring A Child Called “It” by Dave Pelzer. There are many titles to choose from.

Or, you can choose one of our many prisoner publications filled with resources of all kinds for inmates - giving them all they need to stay in touch with the outside world in their hands.

Have any questions about the book? Give us a call and we’ll help! We have experience in mailing books into all levels of prisons. Let us help you get your package delivered promptly and professionally. Leave it up to us to help you give a gift that keeps on giving.

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