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Lil Troy was a product of his surroundings, ground down deep up to his knees in the streets. His mama was a career dope fiend and his daddy was AWOL. So, it was inevitable what he would be. The things this kid would see. His old G was bare backing for bags. His older brother was kidnapped and held for ransom for cash. He’d seen a dead body in the gangway on the way to his class. And, a clucker beaten to death for clipping a stash. They strong-armed his innocence before Lil Troy could add.

It is sad but, his tale is just a dime a dozen. He grew up and was cuffed by his cousin, strapped up, sandwich bagged and packed up. Then, he was enrolled in the University of Hustling. Fast forward ten years, how does his story unfold? He did a dub in the feds for racketeering. They introduced him to RICO. If dealt a better hand, what could’ve been of Lil Troy? Well, the world will never know because he wound up another…Lil Ghetto Boy.

Lil Wayne came out the womb dribbling

the ball it seemed. He loved basketball just like his daddy. To be like Jordan, he dreamed. Made the team in third grade. Day and night, that boy played. OG’s would put racks on him, one on one and one by one, the boy slayed. This was his ticket to get him and his out of the hood, for good. The thugs cuffed him, not to plug him, but to shield him from the bull. In high school, he was the fool. He made the papers and the news. “The Next One” was what they dubbed Lil Wayne. So, scouts flooded the school.

One night, he and some homies were shooting ball at the park. A car pulled up and honked the horn, but they couldn’t see who it was. Wayne walked closer to the viggity to try and make out the mark. The windows rolled down and the last thing Wayne saw was a spark. A shot to the head and three more to the back by oppositions, who were trying to find them some action.

It was devastating to me to see my lil’ homie in a casket. It was a dream thrown away in a trash can. Damn! This shit is bananas. How do we manage to destroy everything we touch without no fucking rhyme or recourse? And, this is every ghetto, not just Chiraq Drillinois. We bow our heads and pay respects for all our fallen…Lil Ghetto Boys.

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