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Kelly Patrick Riggs

Legal Author


Kelly Patrick Riggs is the author of the Post-Conviction Relief series. He has spent thousands of hours in study to refine his skill as a Jailhouse Lawyer. His simple approach to advocacy has been proven to be effective in today's courts around the country. After years of assisting other prisoners, Mr. Riggs finally put his knowledge, about the Post-Conviction Relief process, into print. Most importantly he wrote it in terms that anyone could understand. With this new release and those that follow, Mr. Riggs continues to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

In addition, Mr. Riggs has three more books published, two novels, and a tribute. Grasshopper is a candid story about the life of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club member, told in vivid detail. Under Seal is a fascinating book that contains sex, greed, government corruption, and murder, and The Mourning After is a heartwarming book in loving memory of his mother.

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