This is the fourth book in the Post-Conviction Relief series. This book is written in layman's terms. It will provide you with the understanding that the courts don't want you to have. This book is not only an informative research guide it is also a plain terms resource manual. It’s written with the same perspective as my first three. Its purpose is to give you sound ideas with which you can identify winning claims for habeas corpus relief. When studying your own criminal case or that of another, the task becomes much easier when you can compare the facts of your case to cases that have prevailed in the past.


This book is a continuation of a long overdue effort, to make sense of the habeas corpus process in layman's terms. In this installment, to the series, you’ll learn how to express yourself in the court intelligently. By using the information and case details provided you’ll be able to find and/or refine your very own winning claims.


Be aware that you are not alone in your quest for justice, many have fought and suffered as they battled the powers of evil. But, rest assured that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train. You must study and arm yourself with knowledge; its only with an understanding of truth and right that will you achieve justice in a court enacted to produce convictions. For a public example of the lengths they will go, review district court case number 2:16-cv-709-RDP-HGD, in the Northern District of Alabama. Continue to study so you may prevail, remember chance favors a prepared mind.

$26.99 incl. S/H Tracking

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Post-Conviction Relief: Winning Claims

  • Paperback: 218 pages, 8" x 10",  Publisher: Freebird Publishers (April 28, 2017) Language: English ISBN-10: 0991359151ISBN-13: 978-0991359158


    $26.99 incl. S/H Tracking


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