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San Quentin News

The Pulse of San Quentin

The San Quentin News is the only inmate-produced newspaper in California and one of the few in the world. A paper with this name was started in December 1940 by Clinton Duffy, San Quentin’s noted progressive warden from 1940 to 1952. Before that, there was an inmate-produced paper at San Quentin named the Wall City News. It started in the 1920s and ceased publication in the mid-1930s. It claimed to be “The Only Newspaper in the World Published Within the Walls of a Prison.” In the Back Issues section, you can see a copy of Wall City News. Once you click on Back Issues, scroll down to the year 1930. The San Quentin News has itself been suspended from time to time and was revived in its current form in June 2008 by Warden Robert Ayers Jr., who has since retired.




San Quentin is known for its wide-ranging rehabilitation efforts and programs using a vast number of community volunteers. By one measure there are more volunteers assisting San Quentin programs than the combined number of volunteers at California’s other 33 adult prisons.

The San Quentin News aims to publish 20 pages monthly, has a press run of 11,500 for inmates, correctional officers and staff, and members of the community, and is available through this website. The paper is distributed in bulk to 17 other prisons in the state and aims to reach all 34 California prisons in addition to San Quentin.


The San Quentin News encourages inmates, free staff, custody staff, volunteers, and others outside the Institution to submit articles. All submissions become the property of the San Quentin News.


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