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The Ultimate Guide for Losing Weight in Prison
Losing weight in the carbohydrate, sugary, processed food world of prison can seem impossible when combined with the boredom and “Groundhog Day” setup of prison. The only thing that seems to change is the food and we eat it all. Now the inmate obesity rate is higher than the 52% national average! Well now help is here! In this easy to read book, you can begin your weight loss journey TODAY! You get:
Diet Plan
Intermittent Fasting Guides
Nutritional Facts
Packaging Information
Water Guidebook
Real Inmate Testimonials
Full Cookbook of Healthy Meals, Deserts & Drinks that work for all 50 states commissary!
Full Body Stretching Guide
Yoga for Beginners
Exercises for all body types you can do in cell
Motivational Quotes
And much more!


EBook: 255 pages

ISBN 978-1-952159-19-0

Weight Loss Unlocked E-Book