Nonfiction: In this book length interview an innocent Frank Atwood reveals from Death Row what the public and jurors have never heard and what the lynch mob media never wanted to print: how this sweet, rosy-cheeked, silver-spooned teen who went by Frankie J. arrived at perversity and at the crossroads of victim and victimizer.

Excerpt: Frank Atwood “Should we execute child rape victims so they can’t continue their cycle of child rapes?”

Excerpt: Mr. Kayer “Think of your playful quintessential child and you know instantly children are not born with larceny in their blood or the devil inside. The devil is injected into our children through the sperm of their rapist.”

Interviewed by George Kayer
George Kayer was first published at age 14 in the NRA’s American Rifleman maga- zine. Even though Mr. Kayer is America's most published prisoner, Victimly Insane is his optimum work to date.

Victimly Insane - Kindle Issue

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