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Add the magic of massage to your special someone with a gift from the Romantic Massage Romance Gift Basket. Your special loved one will long remember the treats in store in this basket of loving gifts, including massage oil, an acrylic massager, and a keepsake velvet storage bag.


And we've included plenty of chocolate to say I love you in good taste! Send the Romantic Massage Romance Gift Basket to your love!

Romantic Massage Romance Gift Basket 8160372

  • Romantic massage Kit Includes Black velvet bag 2 oz Massage Oil 2 Tea-Lite Candles Back Massager Lindt Chocolate Truffles assorted bag (14 pc bag) Romantic Massage CD Chocolate Body Paint Jar with paint brush Body Art Kit (romantic edible body tattoos 40 total) Chocolate Cream filled Pirrouline wafer cookies Red Basket
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